Virus Information Launch Pad

If you wish to get information about a specific computer virus
Links will be opened in new windows, so that you can simultaneously check various encyclopedias.

Please notice that the name of the virus is not the name of the infecting file!!! In most cases, it is not possible to identify the name of the virus from the name of the infecting file.

 Virus Encyclopedias:
McAfee: Basic, Advanced (highly recommended)
F-Secure: Info (highly recommended)
Sophos: Info , Search (highly recommended)
Trend Micro: Info (highly recommended)
Norton: Info (recommended for newer viruses)
Computer Associates: Info , Search
F-Prot: Info
Aladdin: Search
Command: Search
Panda: Info, Search
Kaspersky: Info
Norman: Search
RAV: Info

 Other links relevant for specific virus information:
VGREP: search for alternative names to a virus name

Google: alt.comp.virus archives 
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 Acknowledgements: thanks to Roger Britt